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Founded in 2004 by Keith Sims, Integrity Resource Management was built on a foundational principle that influences every aspect of our business: Integrity. This core value is at the heart of every conversation, client relationship, partnership, and interaction, guiding our path to excellence in the staffing and talent solutions industry.

As a premier staffing firm specializing in Enterprise Applications Talent, we leverage over 30 years of leadership and management experience, alongside a dedicated team of industry-specific recruiters. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of sectors, including SAP professionals across the Continental US, particularly in the Southeast and Midwest, Global Supply Chain, Quality Management (ISO-9001 certified), and Leadership for Finance and Controlling departments.

Our mission is to connect top talent with innovative companies to foster growth, excellence, and integrity in every project and role we undertake. We are committed to enriching the professional landscape with skilled and principled individuals who make a difference.

Keith Sims, SAP Industry Leader ​

A Blend Of Science And Strategy

About Keith Sims

My name is Keith Sims. My academic pursuits began in the field of organic chemistry, a path I initially chose to embark upon in college. However, life had a slight twist in store. On the sage advice of my father, I decided to broaden my horizons by also studying economics, thereby keeping my future options open.

Navigating through my college years, I came tantalizingly close to completing a double major in both disciplines. Yet, in a strategic move during my final year, I opted for half-tuition in the second semester. This prudent decision led me to be just one class short of the double accolade. Upon graduation, with my diploma in hand, I came to the realization that the chemistry lab was no longer my calling.


Discovering SAP

During my tenure at this organization, I had my first encounter with SAP, a sophisticated software suite that a customer of mine utilized. My foundation in chemistry unexpectedly granted me an affinity for understanding their systematic processes and the modular approach to their business operations. This connection was instantaneous; I became captivated by the software's capabilities and the prospects of aiding customers in this realm.

My burgeoning interest in SAP serendipitously aligned with its exponential growth within the industry. Starting out when SAP claimed a 30 percent foothold in the Fortune 500 market share, I witnessed its ascension to becoming the cornerstone ERP system for the vast majority—between 80 to 90 percent—of these leading companies. I was indeed fortunate to ride the wave of SAP's expansion during such a transformative era in the industry.

Continued Focus and Growth

Over the past 25 years, I have dedicated myself to learning and connecting with as many SAP professionals as possible. My efforts have allowed me to build relationships with over 50,000 SAP professionals globally, with whom I regularly engage. These interactions have provided me with valuable insights into the challenges they face, not only in their professional lives but also personally, and in the industry they are passionate about.



My journey from being an organic chemist to working in the technology industry and eventually specializing in SAP has been both exciting and fulfilling. I am deeply grateful for the myriad opportunities I've embraced and the incredible individuals I've encountered along this path. As I persist in my SAP-centric pursuits and career growth, I am enthusiastic about continuing to contribute to the industry and addressing the needs of SAP professionals worldwide.

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If you’re an organization seeking unparalleled talent, or a high-caliber professional in pursuit of your next opportunity, we’re here to facilitate the perfect match. Reach out today to schedule a personalized consultation.


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