Integrity Resource Management uses our deep technology insights to deliver standout accounting professionals. We understand the crossroads of tech and finance like no other, ensuring you receive exceptional talent every time.


Recruiting tax and audit managers to help CPA firms build for their future.


Conducts searches for specific Advisory Services within CPA Firms upon request.


Identify and deliver experienced Controllers and CFOs to privately held companies.

Why You Can Trust Integrity.

Our Values

Integrity  is often listed as a core value, but it means nothing if not lived every day. It’s not an accident that it’s the first word in the name of our business.We deliver Integrity to our customers and partners by being open and honest in communications, asking tough questions, setting clear expectations for our engagement and holding each other to the highest standards. We deliver Integrity to our employees and consultants through the same process, but we add financial transparency. They know our business because they are our business!


VP Network Management

National Health Insurance

“A Big 5 presented a concept to build a realtime dashboard for our executive team so we easily could compare costs of providers by specialty across all regions with a cost of 18 months and $4.5MM. Integrity’s team suggested a co-development approach that put a working tool in our team’s hands within 45 days at a cost of $250k using software we already owned. We negotiated $12MM in savings within 3 months of the launch. ”


Major Hospital

“Integrity is more than staffing, they helped us design the organizational chart, re-write the job descriptions and optimize our interview process to hire the best, including working with each manager on how to sell their opportunity to candidates. We wouldn’t have been able to hire 4 of our best without changing our approach.”

Director of HR

Global Packaging

"We had worked with 4 other firms, stopped seeing candidates in a week or two. Integrity’s team recommended a partnership and did not disappoint. Within a week they had identified 238 local candidates and within 4 weeks our team interviewed 12 from our top competitors in the market. We were positioned to hire the best!”

Director of Talent

Global Chemical Company

“Integrity told us we would hire with 6-7 interviews for each position and experience 95% retention at 2 years building our SAP team from the ground up, 26 hires. I would have not believed it if I had not seen it firsthand. Just wish we could find partners like them in other areas of our business.”

The Synergy of Accounting and Technology: Transforming Mid-Market Manufacturing Companies

Welcome to the pivotal moment in mid-market manufacturing where accounting meets cutting-edge technology, ushering in unprecedented efficiency and competitiveness. This transformation isn't just optional; it's essential for survival. In this article, we explore the enormous benefits and critical challenges of this groundbreaking merger. Learn how real-time data and automation are shaping the future—and why you can't afford to be left behind.


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