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Do You Ask YourSelf These Questions?

Have you ever needed more work than one person can do, but not had enough work for two FTE staff?
Have you ever felt your team was not ready to engage with a consultant because they didn’t know what they didn’t know?
Do you have a team member you know could grow into new responsibilities, but no one on the team has time to train and develop them?
Do you have lingering technology challenges that keep hitting the backburner quarter after quarter because no one has time to address them due to current workloads?
Have you ever wished you could hire one of those 10X Talented Developers, but you know you don’t have enough work to keep them busy for more than a few months?

Fractional Technology Consulting from Integrity

How does it work?

Integrity brings you top technology talent that currently have full-time jobs working for major companies to provide services to your firm on a part-time basis, in a way that does not conflict with their current job responsibilities.

  • Fast Interview Processes: If they weren’t good at their job, they would not have it.
  • Immediate Value: Fractional consultants can bring immediate value from their lessons learned.
  • Client-Oriented Thinking: Unlike consultants from large SIs, our consultants think like a client; they aim to solve problems effectively rather than creating dependency.

Clients agree to a minimum engagement of 10 hours a week for the duration of the engagement. Teams generally meet no more than 2 hours during the workday each week, with the remainder of the time being focused on delivery, and much of it provided outside of normal business hours.

What kind of roles can be filled by Fractional Consultants?

Executive Leadership/ Client Advocate/ Advisory Services/ Project Management
SAP Functional Consultants Across All Modules
Oracle Cloud Consultants Across All Modules
Cloud Migration and Cloud Application Integration
BI, Reporting Analytics Consultants
  • SAP BOBJ, Tableau, QuickSight, Informatica, PowerBI, Redshift, BigQuery
SAP BASIS and Security/GRC
Application Development
SalesForce Customization and Optimization


Most frequent questions and answers

Top talent is driven by the opportunity to deliver, they love solving problems, even more than making money!    (although we all need to make money)

After a few years with one company, they have solved most of the problems.  The lessons learned make them invaluable to the firm, but the workload and the opportunity to impact the company starts to stagnate.  Without challenge, their skills start to stagnate.  They crave the challenge! 

We never place a fractional resource with an industry competitor. Due to the nature of technology, processes across industries are similar enough for our consultants to make an immediate impact and bring lessons learned from their industry to the client.

Our clients benefit from this financial arrangement, often cutting costs by more than 50%!


FTE COSTS Fractional costs
~$200k/yr $70,000-80,000 year at 10hrs a week
Salary $120k
Benefits and PTO $36k
Bonus $18-22k
Management $12-15k
Overhead $12-15k

Our Consultants Deliver Exceptional Value

Not bogged down by meetings, politics, or career planning, Fractional Consultants are singularly focused on the work at hand.
It is estimated that a significant portion of work time, 2.9 hours per day (which is 37.5%), is consumed by meetings, distractions, and efforts to demonstrate competence to others.

Value Focused:

Fractional Consultants prioritize delivery due to their limited time commitment; they aim to accomplish as much as possible in the shortest amount of time to create value for the customer.

Customer Quotes about using Integrity Fractional Consultants:

“While other consulting firms were quoting us $150k or more to get started, Integrity’s approach kept our initial investment at just $4-6k/month.”

“We always had more work than one person could be reasonably expected to accomplish, adding a consultant from Integrity allowed our staff to start engaging in strategic initiatives versus just managing the day to day. Bonus, our Integrity consultant helped us identify dozens of deviations from best practices within the first few weeks on our team!”

“Integrity’s SAP Project Management consultant helped us document the issues and concerns and build the ROI model we could take to management to get our budget approved in a matter of weeks. Now she is making sure our team stays accountable to deadlines and managing reports and communication with the leadership team, all in 10 hours a week.”

“SAP Security and GRC needs to be kept up with, but we really only need 10 hours a week of work to maintain the systems. Instead of adding it to someone else’s job that really did not want to do it, we added Integrity! Their consultant has delivered SAP Security and GRC at some of the largest companies in the world. All we have to do is answer his questions about how we need the system to work, he does the rest. “

“We are not in a major metro and have a hard time hiring experienced SAP personnel. Integrity recommended we hire in the local market and train and support our new staff with an SAP Fractional Consultant. Hands on training in our SAP system is worth so much more than sending our staff to general SAP training. Our team has grown so much in the last 6 months and I know the Integrity consultants are focused on making our staff ready to support us independently.”

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